Sustainable Development of Biofuels: Prospects and Challenges

Posted on June 30, 2011

In the context of shrinking crude oil reserves, risingdemand and the resultant rise in prices of petroleum, aswell as the concerns about global climate change andenergy security, bioenergy is becoming increasinglyrelevant as a possible and potential alternative to fossilfuels. However, with many developed countriespursuing aggressive policies for encouraging theproduction and use of biofuels, there are strongapprehensions that as more and more land is broughtunder biofuel crops, food prices would increasesubstantially affecting poor consumers, particularlythose from low-income net food importing countries.Keeping in view these facts, this paper presents a briefoverview of the current state of affairs of biofuels at theglobal level, with a special emphasis on the ongoingefforts of biofuel expansion in India. It throws light onthe various policies at the national and regional levelsand also on the implications of biofuels for changes inland utilisation, food security, social welfare andthe environment.

Raju, S.S., Shinoj, P. and Joshi, P.K. (2009). Sustainable development of biofuels: Prospects and challenges. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLIV No. 52: 65-72. December, 26.

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