Project Timeline

Download a detailed timeline of project milestones and activities.

In order to meet our three primary objectives over the course of this project, our milestones are summarized in three sets of activities that correlate with the goals.

Activty Set One: Data Collection

Data for all parts of the project will be collected and refined if necessary to be utilized.

This includes data on the following:

  • Disaggregated world supply
  • Demand and trade for key feedstock crops and close substitutes, major energy commoditites,
    including biofuels (e.g. Ethanol, Biodiesel, etc.)
  • The same data at national and sub-national levels for three(3) case studies
  • Household-level data and information on water for the three(3) case studies
  • Technology, inputs-outputs, costs, and profitabilities of broad categories of major biofuel systems
Activity Set Two: Modeling

A global general equilibrium model will be built, in which spatial and household linkages for producers and consumers will be illustrated. Lessons learned will be documented.


The Global Trade Model will be merged with IFPRI IMPACT model and IFPRI country models for three case study countries. Yield assessments in year 2 and coordination efforts into the Global and Country models in year 3 will also allow for yield scenarios. Technology assessments will generally occur in year 1. During year 2, a paper for each country case study will be written.

Activity Set Three: Organization

This set of activities organizes and includes the following: finalization of appointments and assignments of all core tasks, setting up of collaborations (formal & informal), and determination of country case study teams. A public website will be developed, serving as a high-quality communication medium for disseminating our results globally, in particular to our case study country partners. A series of workshops will be held, specifically a data workshop; annual meetings of the modeling team and global collaborators; and in-country workshops with our case country collaborators. Finally, a final set of papers and policy briefs will be published on-line on our website as well as a book.