Project Objectives

Getting the Data Right

Objective 1

Developing a publicly-accessible database and theoretically sound as well as biophysically realistic framework for projecting rates of increase in yields of major food and biofuel crops.

Tooling up – building the analytical platform and analyzing the pathways of impacts/assessing biofuel systems

Objective 2

Measuring and quantifying the global pathways of impact in order to understand widespread effects in different geographical contexts (within and between countries), non-traditional measures of human well-being (such as malnutrition and poverty, not just price effects), and economic situations (focusing on developing countries).

Creating a modeling platform to assess the feasibility of investing in biofuel systems of poor, developing countries in order to increase food security while improving ecosystem quality, which is necessary to support agriculture. Specifically, our goal is to determine how direct investment, policy reform, and innovative markets and financing mechanism may assist developing countries in increasing productivity and energy efficiency of their agriculture production systems in the face of higher energy prices.

Creating a Biofuels and Food Security Leadership Group (BFSL Group)

Objective 3

An experienced and knowledgeable set of economists, agricultural scientists, ecologists and energy experts will be meeting regularly to facilitate ongoing collaborative dialogue with other research and policy groups to increase the flow of information and streamlining efforts around the world relating to biofuels, poverty and food security issues.