Project Motivation

There is much uncertainty regarding the future of biofuels, however the following appears certain and provides rationale for this project:

1. As the demand for and supply of biofuels expands and the demand for feedstock rises, there will be upward pressure on global agricultural prices.

2. If food prices rise significantly and for extended periods of time, those interested in development face both an opportunity and a challenge. Higher prices mean good news for net producers—at least some of them. At the same time, higher prices will mean that net consumers pay more for their food purchases.

3. There is currently no modeling-based, internationally agreed-upon basis for understanding the impact of biofuels or understanding who will benefit, who will get hurt, and by how much. Little reliable information exists, particularly for the poorest countries of the world, with which public, private, or non-profit investors can utilize to make objective assessments of the conditions for investing in biofuels systems and feedstock technology.