Project Documents


Below is an excerpt from the proposal submitted to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in September 2007, which details the scope and activities of this project. Download Full Summary

Charitable Purpose

To support an effective and transferable model for assessing impact pathways and evaluating biofuel systems that can help the poor and enhance food security in the developing world.

Project Description

Despite the abrupt emergence of biofuels, little is known about how they will directly and indirectly affect the welfare of the poor—especially those in South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.

The objectives of our proposed research are:
  • To describe the impact pathways of biofuels development on the poor, by quantifying how shifts in world supply and demand for food, feed, feedstocks and biofuels themselves will help and/or hurt small, poor producers and vulnerable consumers; and
  • To assess how best to invest in biofuels systems in poor countries.
  • To meet these objectives, we will use high-quality and scientifically-sound information to produce an analytical platform that can produce empirically grounded answers to some of the main questions about biofuels and their effects on poverty. We also will have the objective of setting up an ongoing dialogue with the Gates Foundation over these issues.